Academic Support at St Anne’s is exists on every level. If there is ever a problem with teaching, workload, or personal relations within a teaching group, help is always available.

Your personal tutor, with whom you should have had a meeting in freshers’ week should be the first port of call for any problems with workload or course content. They are likely to the best knowledge of your course and are therefore best placed to address any concerns you may have.

If you are unhappy with the response given by your personal tutor, then you should contact the JCR Academic Officer, who is here to assist you with any general academic concerns. They liaise directly with the college’s senior tutor, Dr Shannon Stephen, and will help you to address your issues in confidentiality.

The Academic Affairs Officer attends the college’s academic committee meetings, held at least twice a term. If there is a particularly college-wide issue which you wish to raise, then it can be done here, where it will be discussed by the Principal, Senior Fellows and representatives from the JCR and MCR. Should you have an issue which relates to your department or the university as a whole, then the JCR Academic Officer can raise it with Oxford University Student Union’s Access & Academic affairs officers.

3 ‘Moral tutors’ are also available for independent, impartial, and confidential academic support. They are Prof. Roger Crisp, Prof. Kate Watkins, and Dr Terry O’Shaughnessy. They may be contacted for a meeting via their college email addresses.