music2At St Anne’s there are several college music societies. STACappella is a non-auditioning A Cappella choir which rehearses once a week. It’s very friendly and welcoming – excellent for a bit of relaxing singing with friends! There is also an Orchestra (SACO) which performs a variety of pieces and is welcome to anyone. We also have the Boomwhackers Society which is a fun and musical way to let off some steam. We have a termly concert to showcase what these groups have been up to. For more information, please see our Facebook page or our page on the St Anne’s College Website.


rowersSport forms a central part of the extra curricular here at St Anne’s. There is literally something for everyone, from our well established rowing, football and netball teams, to the one off tournaments for inter collegiate lacrosse, pistols or frisbee. Our excellent facilities include an on-site gym (with cardio and weights rooms), and we also share a sports ground with St John’s. A recent exchange with Green Templeton College across the road has also enabled us to use their squash courts two times a week. As well as a successful college sport culture, we also support athletes performing at university level, providing some funding on application in Trinity term. Sports at St Anne’s is ultimately what you make it, and the JCR Sports Rep and Treasurer are more than happy to facilitate participation in whatever way possible.
The year 2015/16 is a big one for sport here at Anne’s, with a new Hockey and a new Lacrosse team being introduced, along with the continued presence of previous teams. Whether you are new to sport or have played your whole life, joining up will make your life at St Anne’s a whole lot better. Please get in touch to find out more or feel free to make suggestions on how sport here at St Anne’s can be made even more enjoyable! Contact the sports rep at or visit the Facebook page: St Anne’s Sports.


There are plenty of other societies at St Anne’s. From life drawing to feminist discussion group, Christian Union to the book club. If there isn’t a society in college for you, there’s probably a university wide one. Looking for something different again? You can always form your own society!