Pranay Shah President: Pranay Shah
Hi, I’m Pranay and I study Biochemistry. I will be your JCR President this year and my role has two main parts. First, I am your principal representative to the College and to OUSU (Oxford University Student Union). Second, I work with my brilliant committee to ensure that the student experience at St Anne’s is as great as possible. Throughout Freshers’ Week and your first year I will do all I can to make them as amazing as mine were and will be available all the time for you to contact me regarding any issues or questions.
Archie Foster Vice President: Archie Foster
Hi, I’m Archie, your VP for this year. I study History, so in my copious free time I’ll always be happy to answer questions or help you out with whatever. My main job is to organise Freshers’ Week with Pranay. It looks like it’s going to be a really good week, and I hope you enjoy yourselves. Outside of the JCR Committee, I play for the MGA, do a bit of drama and try to keep up some volunteering
Todd Freeman Treasurer: Todd Freeman
Hi everyone, I’m Todd and this year I will be the JCR treasurer. St Anne’s JCR is especially generous with regards to its reimbursement programme and its funding of student run projects. If ever you’re unsure as to what you’re eligible for please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Congratulations again and I hope you’ve had a lovely summer!
Georgia Crump Secretary: Georgia Crump
Hey I’m Georgia, I study English and French and I’m this year’s JCR Secretary. This means I’ll be responsible for the behind-the-scenes organisation of the JCR: advertising the weekly JCR General Meeting, which I’ll minute and send out to the college, participating in Committee Meetings, and sending out the regular college newsletter to keep you all up-do-date with all the opportunities, events and news at St Anne’s! Exercise your rights as a member of the JCR to come along to meetings and vote, discuss and debate motions, or submit one yourself if there’s something about the college you think could be done differently. Any questions? Drop me a message or an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or come find me around college!
Welfare: Arthur Norman and Dervla Carroll
Hey, we’re Dervla and Arthur and we’re your welfare reps! We provide free food in the form of Welfare Tea, offer support and advice to anyone who fancies a chat, and help signpost you to the different services available in St Anne’s. Please feel free to say hello if you see us about college, but if it’s turning into a game of ‘Where’s Welfare Wally?’, our contact details are displayed on posters around college – and obviously you’re more than welcome to Facebook/email us.
Ellen Hagger Woman’s: Ellen Pierson-Hagger
I’m Ellen, a second-year English student, and I am JCR Women’s Rep. I hope to channel the voices of all those at Anne’s who identify as women. I am continuing the Free Sanitary Product Distribution initiative which began in college last year, as well as organising the Consent Workshops which you will be able to receive in Freshers’ Week. St. Anne’s was founded as a forward-thinking, progressive Women’s College and this focus on equality is the basis of our ethos. If there are matters concerning gender or women’s issues that you think need to be discussed within the JCR, I can be your representative; if you have ideas as to how to improve the university experience for women in college, I’m all ears.
Sam Purnell LGBT: Sam Purnell
Hi, I’m Sam, a French and Spanish student and your LGBTQ+ rep. I’m going to be trying to create an inclusive LGBTQ+ space at St. Anne’s, so whatever gender or sexuality you identify as, feel free to come talk to me about anything, from any personal issues to if you just want a friendly chat. If you have any worries or ways you think the LGBTQ+ experience at our college could be improved, please send them my way. I’m also in charge of organising queer week and making sure you feel represented and heard in your first year, regardless your sexuality or gender.
Entz: Jamie Gravell and Richard English
Terms at Oxford can be a stressful time, and after hours of working hard it’s good to let your hair down and have fun. We’re Jamie and Richard, and as your Entz reps we’ll be helping you do just that. We’ll be organising events all year round, such as bops, open mic nights, college-wide games and more. Studying here doesn’t meanou can’t hafun!
Elan Llwyd Access: Elan Llwyd
Hey! I’ll be working with the college’s Schools’ liaison and outreach officer make sure that Oxford is accessible for people of all backgrounds and to ensure that St Anne’s is a welcoming place for everyone. I’ll be helping to recruit Student Ambassadors and to organise events such as open days and college tours. To get involved, look out for the Access page on Facebook!
Miranda Iyer International: Miranda Iyer
Hi! I’m Miranda, a second year lawyer from Norway, and I’m your international rep. This role has two main parts. Firstly, I’ll be working with the University-wide International Students campaign, which aims to better life for international students at the University. Secondly, I’m here to make sure that international students at Anne’s have the best possible experience, both in terms of making a smooth transition to life in the UK and in terms of welfare. Moving to another country can be really, really challenging and whether it’s sorting out your bank account, questions about Oxford or anything else I’m always free to have a chat; I’m here to make sure you’re ok. This also means that I’ll be organising lots of social events throughout the year to strengthen the international community at Anne’s and to celebrate our cultural diversity.
Ewan Davies Disabilities: Ewan Davies
Hey guys, I’m Ewan, studying English Lit. I’m going to be your Disabilities Rep this year. My role will involve supporting, giving advice to, and promoting visibility for disabled students, as well developing more positive attitudes to similar issues such as mental health. I’ll be here to answer questions on things such as what disability services the university offers etc. I’ll hopefully have a meeting or two in Michaelmas to talk to anyone who wants to come along, but if you have any questions in the meantime go ahead and drop me an email.
Theo Costain IT: Theo Costain
Hi, I’m Theo – a third year engineer and IT rep. I’m here to sort out any IT problems you might have, whether it be internet or printer related. If you need help, get in touch and I’ll do my best, or point you to the people who can help if needed. I’m also responsible for the JCR website and keeping the hall menus on the site up to date. If you need to find me ill most likely be in the library fighting my problem sheets ‘til late!
Emily Beswick Charities: Emily Beswick
Hi, I’m Emily, your Charities & RAG rep for this year. With the ample amount of time I have as a history student I’m going to be organising many events and activities so we can raise as much as possible for worthwhile causes: things I have in mind are collections for food banks, volunteering for local charities and even a charity bop. My aim is to make charity an important part of college life, so besides keeping you updated with uni-wide charity stuff (like RAG), I’m open to any fundraising suggestions – just drop me an email at !
Rosie Collier Arts: Rosie Coleman Collier
I’m Rosie, a second year English student and your Arts rep for the coming year. I’ll be organising arts events in college, from things like life drawing classes, zine making and writing workshops, to talks from Arts-related outside speakers. I’ll also be organising the St. Anne’s Arts Week in Trinity Term and hope to be a point of contact if you want to get involved in the artsy life of St Anne’s. If you have any ideas for a new project or event, then get in touch and we’ll make it happen! Also give the St Anne’s Arts page a like on Facebook to see what’s going on and when! Lots of art luv xo.
Charly Eaton Hart Sport: Charly Eaton Hart
Hey Freshers! I’m Charly and I’m your sports rep for this year and I study medicine. College level sport is one of the best things about Oxford and is a great way to make friends and to get to know people in different years. We have pretty much every sports team you could want here at Anne’s, but I’m always keen to start up new teams, so if you have any questions about existing or new college sports teams don’t hesitate to get in touch! I can also give you information on uni level sport, college sports facilities and sports funding. Email
Madhulika Murali Equalities: Madhulika Murali
Heya! I’m Madhulika, a law student, and I will be your Equalities officer for the upcoming year. My job is to coordinate with Oxford Access and the rest of the Equalities committee (the Black and Minority Ethnic, LGBTQ, Disabilities and Women’s reps) to engage the college on issues of inequality. We will be putting together exciting and informative events for you all that will hopefully be useful in opening up conversations around social justice in an accessible way, and, importantly, we are here for you in case you ever need to talk about issues of prejudice (or anything, really) that you might face in your time at St. Anne’s. We are here to make your experience at college as comfortable as possible, and will use our understanding of structural issues to ensure that your experiences are as wonderful as they can be. If you have any questions at all or just want to say hi, don’t hesitate at all to email me at See you very soon!
Academic: Izzy Godfrey
OUSU: Open
Environment: Open
Careers: Open
Domestic: Open
Bar: Open
Duck: Open