President – Gagan Khurana

Hey guys! I’m Gagan (or you can call me G!) and I’m part of a rare breed of physicists that are (try to be) social. As your JCR president my role is to represent you guys inside and outside of college, whether that be working with the Students Union on university wide changes, or the college to improve your daily experience – I’m always ready to procrastinate, so message me if you’d ever like to chat about anything that I can help you with!


Vice-President – Tom Ashley

Hey everyone, I’m Tom, a second year History and Politics student. As your JCR VP, a big part of my role is to organise Freshers Week and make sure you all have a great time! During the year I’ll always be around for a chat or to help out with anything, so feel free to get in touch whenever. As a Humanities student with 0 contact hours (well, nearly 0), you can always be sure to find me somewhere in college. Very excited to meet you all soon!


Treasurer – Kuba Wiaterek

My name is Jakub, but people call me Kuba and I will be the Treasurer this year. You will see me mostly organising pizza for JCR meetings, but I generally will care about our budget for sports, arts and any activities that we carry out. If you have any questions about stuff that you can maybe get funding for, send me a message any time!


Secretary – Mundie Lawrence

Hi, I’m Mundie (Rosamund if you’re my tutor/feeling fancy) and I’ll be your JCR Secretary. This means that I’ll be the cold, silent face of efficiency behind the scenes, although I’ll resurface once a week to type notes at the general meeting, and also will be letting you all know I’m alive in the form of a weekly newsletter with everything that’s going on in college. Drop me an email/Facebook message if you’ve got any questions about anything at all & I look forward to seeing you (over the top of my laptop when you come to the meetings…) soon!

Entz – Rachel Jones and Jake Turner

We’re Jake and Rachel, your entz reps this year! Our main role is to provide the most slamming bops (college parties) and large nights out. We’re also going to arrange tons of college-based events like pizza nights, quizzes and open mic nights, where anyone can get involved. From edgy Cellar nights to cheap Broke Mondays at Park End, Oxford has a lot to offer but so does Anne’s – we’re basically everything you need for a cracking Freshers Week and year.

Welfare – Corin Harrison and Josh Hindley

Hi, we’re Josh and Corin and we’ll be your Welfare reps for this year. Simply put, we are here to be the friendliest faces around college. This means that if you find yourself needing any support, advice or just someone to talk to, we will always be available. When needed, we will also point you towards other welfare support in and outside of college. You will see us around running Welfare Teas with heaps of free food as well as personal drop-in sessions if you need a one-to-one chat. During fresher’s week, we will be popping into each accommodation for a cup of tea. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself if you see us around college and feel free to drop us a message at any time, even before you arrive. Can’t wait to meet you all! <3

Equalities – Tracy Mwaniki

I’m Tracey, an incoming second year Lawyer here at Anne’s. As Equalities Officer, my role primarily centres around overseeing the work of the rest of the Equalities Committee, as well as organising the Equalities Week in the summer. I’m more than happy to act as a point of contact for any welfare concerns you may have as a minority coming to Oxford / St Anne’s, as well as put you in touch with the multitude of resources available to help. Oxford can often seem intimidating and unwelcoming from the outside to persons from marginalised groups, but hopefully you’ll find St Anne’s just as welcoming and understanding as I have! Feel free to drop me a message at any point if you have any concerns, and see you all in Freshers’ Week.


Women’s – Joke Steinwart

Hi! My name is Joke, I’m a second year PPE student and the JCR Women’s rep. My job is to represent all female-identifying students at St Anne’s. I am also here if anyone has concerns or questions relating to gender and women’s issues. I also run the free sanitary distribution scheme as well as some fun events and equalities week. St Anne’s has a fantastic history regarding feminism and equality, which can still be felt today and is a super friendly and inclusive environment to be in. If you have any questions, concerns or just want a good chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on FB or via email.

LGBTQ+ – Ashar Aslam

Hey guys, I’m Ashar, studying Earth Sciences and I’m this year’s LGBTQ+ rep! Throughout the year I’ll be responsible for running LGBTQ+ themed events, acting as a support base for people with questions, concerns or general issues, and making sure that the community in St Anne’s remains fully inclusive – to both LGBTQ+ identifying students and allies. As a member of the OU LGBTQ+ Society committee, I hope to work directly with them to get a greater St Anne’s contingent attending university events, gain inspiration for college events (brunches, teas, movie nights, general socials, a ‘queer bop’), and making the services offered by the university (counselling service, ‘Rainbow Peers’) more well-known, as welfare for LGBTQ+ students is a priority in my eyes. There will be an LGBTQ+ workshop in Freshers’ Week, as well as hopefully a welcome dinner, drinks and of course, ‘Queer Week’ later on, so hopefully this year will be a blast! Do feel free to email me any questions or suggestions that you may have!


Disabilities – Amna Mujahid

Hi, welcome to St Anne’s! I’m Amna, a second year English student, and your disabilities rep for this year. I want to make sure that each and every one of you feel like you are part of the St Anne’s community and comfortable in your home for the next 3 or 4 years. I plan to run termly discussion groups around the topic of disabilities and college life along with inviting in speakers, charities and running/supporting projects that raise awareness of disabilities. If you have any questions or concerns come and speak to me either through email Facebook or in person. Have a fab summer and I can’t wait to meet you all!

BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) – Rabii Malik

Hi everyone! My name is Rabii and I’m a second year PPE student and your BME rep. One of the core strengths of our college is the diversity of both the student body and staff. This year, I hope to organise a range of events including formals, talks and socials both in our college and alongside other colleges to help both emphasise and develop this strength. Moreover, I would like to ensure that all students are kept up to date about the opportunities available for BME students across the university including access work, student politics, arts and more! I will also be working alongside the other reps to organise Equalities Week. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!

Access – Niamh Gould

Hi, I’m Niamh, a second-year medic and I’m your Access rep for this year. Basically, my role is to ensure that St. Anne’s remains somewhere that is inclusive to everyone, no matter their background. One of my main responsibilities is getting people involved in the Student Ambassador scheme we have in college. This involves leading college tours, getting involved in the interview process and many other outreachrelated activities. As the only Northern Irish fresher in my year at Anne’s I know what it’s like to be worried about feeling out of place, but Anne’s is honestly such a diverse and welcoming place. If you have any questions about Access or anything else Anne’s-related, please feel free to drop me an email!

International – Katarina Petrovic

Здраво everyone! My name is Kaya, I’m a 2nd year Engineering Science student and I’ll be your International Rep!! Basically my function is to ensure that every single international student feels welcomed by St Anne’s Community! Therefore, I can promise you lots of JCR socials where you can meet other international students, chat about how you feel and make friends… I know it’s not easy being an international – sometimes you feel homesick, you miss food, also packing your life in 23kg is a mess. But I’m there to help!! You can find me usually in STACs or in a library playing with my calculator, so feel free to meet me for a chat, cup of coffee to talk about any issue you have or just simply need to see a friendly face! Lots of love Xxxx


Sports – Kyla Hinton

Heya everyone! I’m Kyla and I’m a second year Biochemist and your Sports rep for this year! My role is to encourage as many of you as possible to make the most of the sports opportunities both in college and uni-wide so I will be posting about interesting clubs and activities to get involved in. As well as working alongside the sports captains of college to ensure everything runs smoothly, I will also be working alongside the Entz team to provide fun sports events for all abilities. Getting involved in sports is a great social opportunity and allows you to keep fit and have a stress relief (yes the work is very hard). If you have any questions or suggestions about anything sports related feel free to drop me a message, and don’t forget to like the St Anne’s Sports Facebook page and follow the Instagram account.


Arts and Lit – Grace Morgan

Hello! I’m Grace, a second year History student and this year’s Arts Rep. I’ll be organising arts-related events throughout the year, from life drawing sessions to poetry evenings. This will include St Anne’s Arts Week in Trinity Term – a week dedicated to celebrating the arts! I will also be responsible for administering the Arts Fund on a termly basis to support any arty ideas you need funding for. I will similarly be a point of contact for anyone hoping to promote arts-related projects they are involved with to other members of college. Make sure to like the college Arts Facebook page, and feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.


Charities – Pippa Sumner

Hello! I’m Pippa, a second year Biologist and I’m the charities rep for this year. My main role is to keep everyone up to date with all things charity that are happening in Oxford. Being RAG officer for the college means I will be advertising all the amazing RAG (raise and give) events that are happening, keep an eye out for Mount Everest Base Camp challenge, Oxmas singing, blind dates and lots more! St Anne’s also chooses a charity to support this year and it is very much down to everyone in the college to vote for what they would like to fundraise for. Inter-college sports tournaments, charity bops and talks are all possibilities for the year! I would love to hear any of your ideas for events or anything else- just send me an email or come and find me around college.

IT – Tom Mason

Hey, I’m Tom, your IT officer. Got a techy problem? Scared to talk to the IT staff (don’t be, they’re great)? Already tried turning it off and back on again? I’m your guy. I’m happy to have a good go at solving any problems with email, Wifi, Single Sign-On, or anything else IT-related.

Environment Officer – Stanley Wilshere

Hey, I’m Stan – 2 nd year Geographer and your environment officer next year. If you’ve got questions about recycling in college, our bike sharing scheme, or are just curious about how you can live more sustainably I’ll be the guy to talk to. Apart from that I’ll be organising the recycling rota and devoting myself to my lifelong passion, stirring the compost bin once a week. If you have ideas about ways we can reduce the impact of St Anne’s on the environment, I’d love to hear them so we can keep heading towards making college life as sustainable as possible.


Bar – Clara Westhaver

Hello, I’m Clara, I’m studying Classics and I’ll be the Bar rep for this year. We’re lucky to have an excellent college bar that is a great space to have events, as well as to go and hang out with your friends. I’ll be organising various events in the bar for the year, such as open mic nights, bands and other interesting activities. I’m also keen to implement any ideas you might have to improve the bar.

Academic Affairs – Beatrice Colomb

Hi! I’m Bea, a third-year Classicist, and I will be your academic affairs rep. I will represent your views on academic matters at meetings with tutors and college staff, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to make the work side of things run more smoothly. I’m also really happy to help you with anything work-related so I’ll be running drop-in sessions during your first term. Please feel free to drop in or send me an email if you have any questions at all!

Domestic Affairs – Carrie Forsdyke

Hi, I’m Carrie, a second-year Material Science student. I am this year’s Domestic Affairs Rep and will be here to help with all things related to living in college! My role involves communicating any suggestion to the college regarding food in halls and accommodation, so I’d love to hear any ideas you have to make St Anne’s even more homely as you settle in over the year. Welcome to the Anne’s family, and we can’t wait to meet you!