President: Tom Mitty

Hi, I’m Tom, the JCR President for this year. I study law. My role is to represent you guys both in and out of college- taking your thoughts to the Oxford University Student Union, as well as working with a variety of different committees inside college to make the student experience here the best that it can be. Feel free to come and chat, or to drop me a message at any point if you have something you want to talk about.

Hello hello, I’m Viv, this year’s VP! I’m an international student and I study Italian. My main job is to organise Freshers’ week with Tom and make sure you all have a great time. In my spare time I’ll usually be working on student publications, eating unhealthy amounts of chocolate, or laughing at memes in public places. I’m always down for a chat and a cup of coffee if you have any questions or are feeling lonely! Vice President: Viveka Herzum



Treasurer: Nat Dean-Lewis

Hi everyone, first off congratulations for making it out the other end of the application process! I’m Nat and I’ll be your JCR Treasurer this year, which basically means that if you ever need funding for a student project/club/anything else you can think of, I’m your guy. I get that this booklet is probably a lot to take in all in one go, so if you’ve got any treasury-related questions, hit me up at Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you all in Freshers!


Hi, I’m Lowri, a second-year history student, and I’ll be this year’s JCR Secretary. This means I’ll be running the more boring behind-the-scenes administration for JCR meetings and motions. Please come along to JCR meetings to exercise your rights as a member of the JCR and to vote and debate motions on things that will affect both you and the college. I’ll also be responsible for sending out a weekly college newsletter to keep you up to date with events around Oxford. You’re more than welcome to

Facebook or email me if you have any questions!

Secretary: Lowri Howard 

Welfare: Becky Ogden and Dominic Tomlinson

Hi, we’re Becky and Dominic and we’ll be this year’s college Welfare reps. That means we provide weekly Welfare Teas, in which table upon table in the JCR is covered with an array of snacks and drinks to provide much-needed respite to the weary Stanner. More importantly (yes, more important than FREE FOOD) we are there for anyone who fancies a chat and can offer advice, support, and when appropriate the details of the wider welfare team and college staff so that you can benefit from all the services St Anne’s has to offer. We can’t wait to meet you all, don’t hesitate in introducing yourself if you see us around college! (Which given our copious procrastination from all things work related is more than likely). If you are truly unfortunate enough to keep missing us, our contact details will be on posters around college, and like the good millennials that we are, you can always reach us via Facebook or email. See you soon!

Women’s: Ellie Jerome 

Hi, I’m Ellie, a second year PPE student and your JCR Women’s rep. My job is to represent all the students at St
Anne’s who identify as female. St
Anne’s has a fantastic history as a

women’s college, and the ethos of
feminism and equality is still alive
today. Some of the things I’m
involved in include organising the
consent workshops you’ll be
attending in freshers’ week and
continuing the Free Sanitary
Product Distribution scheme. Other
than that, I’ll act as a general point
of contact for any gender or
women’s issues you may have. If you have any questions about the experience of women at St Anne’s or at Oxford, or ideas on how to improve it, you’re always free to bring them up with me and I’ll help in any way I can!

LGBT: Ali Johnston

Hi, there I’m Ali, a PPE student, and I’ll be your LGBTQ+ rep! I aim to make St Anne’s as welcoming as possible for incoming LGBTQ+ students. If you have any questions, worries, just fancy a chat, or need glitter advice please feel free to send me a message! I’ll be coordinating with the Uni LGBTQ+ society and will keep you up to date with events throughout the year. I’ll also be organising Queer Week in college, so if you have any suggestions- don’t hesitate to put them forward. If you 14

have any matters concerning LGBTQ+ life at St Anne’s that you feel ought to be discussed with the JCR, I’m here to represent you, regardless of gender or sexuality. Arriving at uni can be a daunting experience, so don’t hesitate to get in touch over FB, email ( or join the St Anne’s LGBTQ+ FB group.

Hi, We are Emily and Jack, your Entz reps. We will be organising JCR events all year round, including bops (lit parties in the college bar, these are always fancy dress themed and sometimes joint with other colleges), open mic nights, film nights, and much more. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Entz: Jack Beere and Emily West 

Hey! I’m Kellie, a second year biochemist, and I’ll be your Access rep for this year. My role is essentially to ensure that a
place at Oxford is accessible to everyone
regardless of background, making sure St

Anne’s in particular remains a welcoming environment and gets involved in access events uni-wide. I’ll be working with the Outreach officer and will be recruiting Student Ambassadors to help run college tours, interviews, shadowing days, and much more,
so look out for the stall at the Anne’s freshers
fair and the Access page on Facebook to get involved!

Access: Kellie Harkin 

Hi Freshers! I’m Yoonji, a second year-lawyer from South Korea, and your International rep for this year. I’ll be running welfare schemes to ensure your smooth transition to life in the UK and organizing events to celebrate the cultural diversity at Anne’s. I know it can be tough adjusting to a different environment, trying not to feel homesick, and managing your academic life at the same time. If you have any questions (food recommendations, opening a bank account in the UK) or simply want a motherly hug and a cup of hot chocolate, I am always here for you! Just drop me an email. Lots of international love xxx

International: Yoonji Lee 

Welcome to St Anne’s! I am Noah, a second year musician, and I, along with my guide dog Campbell, will be your Disabilities rep this year. As your rep, I want to ensure that everyone feels like a part of
this community and make sure that Anne’s is

somewhere you are happy. If at any point over
the next year you have concerns regarding
disability, come and find me in Claire Palley 2,
room 29, get in touch through email or Facebook,
or grab me when you see me around college
(look for the large, black Labrador). I plan to host
termly discussion groups where you can come to
raise issues regarding disability, and hope to
invite speakers from charities such as Mind to
give talks and lead discussions to raise awareness
of disabilities around college. I will be promoting these events on Facebook as they approach, but get in touch if you would like to receive the details via a different platform. Have a fab summer, and I can’t wait to meet you!

Disabilities: Noah McNeill

Hello, I’m James and I am this year’s IT rep. I can assist with the set up of email, wifi and other exciting technicalities. In the event that my expertise fails me, I can point you in the direction of the extremely helpful IT staff.

I will be updating the JCR website with the food menus at the start of each term, so you’ll know what to expect for Lunch on a Tuesday. I’m always roaming about college, laying a strong claim to the title of worst dressed 2nd year on site, but if you need to contact me then dropping me a message on Facebook will get you a quick response!

IT: James Sweeney 

Hey, I’m Lucy, your Charities and RAG rep for this year! As a French student with few not very many contact hours, I’ll be keeping you up to date with uni-wide charity stuff, as well as arranging various events and activities in my free time to raise money for the chosen charity of St Anne’s. I’ve got loads of ideas for this year, including charity performances or concerts, bops, old clothes collections, local volunteering, and more! I really think that charity is an important part of life at our college, so let me know if you have any suggestions at

Charities: Lucy Dyer 

Hi, I’m Freya—I’m a second year English student and the JCR Arts Rep. I’ll be organizing arts events throughout the year, such as workshops (e.g. life drawing) and talks from outside speakers. I will also run the Arts Week in Trinity Term, a week in college dedicated to all creative things, and will be a point of contact for the Arts Fund to support any arty projects or ideas you may have. I’d love to get as many people involved as possible so feel free to email/come find me if you have any questions, and like the Arts Facebook page for more details!

Arts: Freya Thorpe

Hello Freshers! I’m Juliette, I study experimental psychology, and I’m your Sports rep for this year! Getting involved in college or university level sport is an extremely rewarding and fun opportunity and I would highly recommend it. There are so many sports teams at both college and university

level- these are great to keep fit and play competitive sport and are great social opportunities. If you have any questions or suggestions about anything sports related feel free to drop me a message, or email

Sport: Juliette Westbrook

Heey! My name is Kir, I’m a lawyer (non- qualified law student) and I will be your Equalities Representative. Formally, my role is coordinating Oxford Access and the Equalities committee (BME, LGBTQ+, Disabilities, and Women’s representatives) and to encourage more open discussions about equality issues here in college. Informally, and most importantly, I’m just another person you can talk to about pretty much anything at St Anne’s—even if you just want to complain about your workload. My priority is making sure everyone feels comfortable and happy

Hello, I’m James and I am this year’s IT rep. In freshers’ week (and beyond) I can assist with the set up of email, wifi, and other exciting technicalities. In the event that my expertise fails me, I can point you in the direction of the extremely helpful IT staff. I will be updating the JCR website with the food menus at the start of each term, so you’ll know what to expert for Lunch on a Tuesday. I’m always roaming about college, laying a strong claim to the title of worst dressed 2nd year on site, but if you need to contact me then dropping me a message on Facebook will get you a quick response!

Here at Anne’s and feels that they are given a fair and equal chance to shine (because obviously you will). Lots of love and see you soon xxx (If you can’t wait then please feel free to email me at

Equalities: Kir West-Hunter
Academic: Ellie Beard 

Hi everyone! I’m Ramani, a
second year Classics and
French student and your BME
rep. I truly believe that one of
the greatest strengths of St
Anne’s is the diversity of its
students and staff and I’m keen
to ensure this continues in the
future. I’ll be working this year
to organise BME events (e.g.
meals, discussion groups,
workshops) with other colleges
and university-wide
organisations. I’ll also be
collaborating with other reps to
promote the integration of BME students within college events, including Equalities Week and Arts Week. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have or take on board your suggestions, so please feel free to drop me an email at Hope you all have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you soon!

BME: Ramani Chandramohan

Hey hey I’m Izzie and I study Material Science. I’m next year’s environmental officer so if you want to talk about climate change or the recycling situation in St Anne’s give me a shout!! My role includes organising the college bike share scheme (email/message me for more info!), creating the recycling rota and stirring the college compost bin once a week. I aim to make college as environmentally sustainable as possible and would love it if you did too! Can’t wait to meet you all xox

Environment: Isabel Slattery 
Tortoise Ranger:
Lydia Higman
Domestic: Kirsty McCann 
Bar: Dougal Main 
Careers: Open