St Anne’s has an excellent range of College accommodation and offers on-site accommodation for three years, including to all first-year students. Students on four year courses (except Linguists) live out for one year in College-rented houses or subsidised private rentals. All rooms are single occupancy, many are en-suite and accessible rooms are available.

Rooms are randomly allocated for first year, and then by room ballot for subsequent years.

Bevington Road
sophie6Bevington houses are for freshers and are cute, cosy and homely! You’ll be seeing your housemates a lot – sharing bathrooms and kitchens and passing on the staircase – so this is great accommodation for getting to know people well!

Woodstock Road
sophie7Woodstock is arguably the best and most versatile accommodation block that Anne’s has on offer. It has large rooms with great views – either facing the Bevington Gardens or facing out onto Banbury Road. Many of the rooms have their own sink and no bathroom is shared between more than 3/4 people. The best part about Woodstock is its massive kitchen – which is one of the largest in all accommodation blocks (2nd and 3rd year blocks included). Additionally Woodstockers have no excuse for not doing their laundry which is located just a few feet from the kitchen. Finally rowers have an indoor erg room and photography buffs can use Woodstock’s very own dark room – what’s not to like!


IMG_02945 floors, 2 kitchens, 7 toilets and over 25 bedrooms that reside, obviously, above the College bar. What more could you want? With 22 occupants, you will never fear boredom in a place filled with winding staircases and secret passages that is St Anne’s’ answer to Hogwarts. Geographically, ATB is set a little apart from other Fresher accommodation; however, when you have your own bar, pool table and a flat screen TV downstairs, not to mention the most close-knit house in St Anne’s, who’s complaining?

Wolfson and Rayne
becca2Once the heartbeat of second year accommodation, Wolfson and Rayne has been opened up to Freshers for the first time this year. Almost all rooms have a balcony, and most have a sink, although, like all Fresher accommodation, none are en suite. The kitchens are a notable hub and among the best in College. Here you will be living in more modern and spacious rooms than you would have done in the old Gatehouse building (the self-proclaimed ghetto of Oxford accommodation), so be thankful if you land a spot in here. Second years don’t bite, so please don’t be afraid to socialise- remember, many CHOSE to live with Freshers and Visiting Students for their second year and are more than happy to help you out with any issues in the early weeks.

Clare Palley
As one of the most modern accommodation blocks in college Clare Palley has really great amenities and facilities making them a great choice for second years. The rooms are well heated with plenty of storage and excellent en suites, and the large windows ensure that you get plenty of light, especially on the South facing side.

Trenaman is perhaps the best-kept secret of St Anne’s accommodation. With an unsuspecting entrance above STACs the accommodation block is home to some of the best rooms in college. Every room is en-suite and among its window views include the Bev Gardens and Bevington Road. Walk-in wardrobes, a great third-floor kitchen (as well as kitchens on the 1st and ground floor) and a generally high standard of refurbishment make Tren the trendy choice. As the cherry on the cake, the two scouts Anita and Julie insist on making your bed for you every week. The accommodation has a more tranquil atmosphere than most and would be a good alternative to Ruth Deech for any second years and finalists

Ruth Deech
The lovely shiny building generally houses finalists but there is often room for a few second years in there too. Each room is en-suite with plenty of storage, as well as a kitchenette per staircase. It’s modern and a social hub for those nearing the end of their degree.

Wincester Road
The house at number 2, Winchester Road is college-owned and accommodates 7 students. Along with its 7 bedrooms, there are 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and perhaps most importantly, there is a really decent sized garden at the back. It’s perfect for those who love to cook and have friends over for dinner but also great for those who prefer to eat in hall as it’s just 2 minutes from college! The neighbours are friendly and the street is surprisingly quiet. It’s great to enjoy living in a glorious North Oxford property but without having to pay extortionate prices; it costs the same as all college accommodation.