After your application has been submitted and the appropriate tests and written work have been completed you will hear in late November whether you have been invited to interview. These take place over a few days and you will be expected to come to Oxford for them. At St Anne’s we offer free accommodation and meals during this period. Also, there are a group of current students who will show you where to go, talk to you about their Oxford experience, and make you feel as comfortable as possible. St Anne’s is a very welcoming college and there will always be someone on hand to help you out.

The style of interview will depend on the subject you have applied for. In an interview for a science subject you will probably have to work through some problems with a tutor, explaining your thinking in order to try to reach a solution – but don’t worry if you can’t, the questions are designed to stretch you and find out how you think, not just what you know. Whereas for an arts subject, there will be more discussion about areas of study that interest you and material you have read. It is useful to arrange a practice interview prior to coming to Oxford to get a feel of what you will face.

We recommend you wear what you feel comfortable in. Tutors generally do not dress formally. It’s a good idea to bring some work to do whilst at Oxford as there is likely to be a bit of spare time between interviews.

After interviews, your tutors will discuss the applications and make a decision based on your performance at interview and any written work or tests. You’ll hear back in early January with either an offer from the college you interviewed at, an open offer where the college you attend will not be decided until after your exam results, or a rejection.