Applying to Oxford is often quite different to other university applications, but don’t let this put you off! We suggest you attend an open day to get a feel of what Oxford is like and whether it is the place for you before you apply. For 2015 the open days are 1st July, 2nd July, 18th September. In addition to these, subject departments often run their own open days. More information about open days can be found here on the University of Oxford website.

Submitting your application to Oxford is with your other university applications through UCAS, just you have to enter your application a bit earlier – by 15th October . You have the choice of choosing a college (for example, St Anne’s) or entering an open application if you don’t mind which college you attend. Your chances of success are the same whichever option you choose.

Once you have applied you may have to sit an admissions test for some subjects, or submit written work for others. To find out if the course you are interested in has either of these, information can be found here for admissions tests, and here for written work.

After this you may be invited to interview. More detail about interviews at Oxford generally and more specific information about at St Anne’s is found on the interviews page.

The application process and timescale for domestic and international students is the same.